Yur Mum

“What Road Rage proves without a doubt is that there is no one out there at the moment quite like Yur Mum.”

AJ Phink - ThePunkSite.com


We are a DIY Dirty Rock band from London, UK. Our music is a blend of anything that's loud, noisy and comes from the heart, carrying elements of classic rock, alternative and grunge delivered with a DIY punk attitude. We call it 'road rage' rock.  

We've made our stage debut in early 2016 in London. We love playing live music and have made over 100 performances accros the UK, France, Austria, Hungary and Czechia. No show is too big or too small for Yur Mum. 

After self releasing a single and a live EP, we've signed to Flicknife Records and released our debut album entitled ROAD RAGE

Yur Mum are: 
Anelise Kunz - Vox and Bass 
Akos Gado - Guitar 
Fabio Couto - Drums

For booking enquiries, please email rockyurmum(at)gmail.com

“They are a band to watch out for”

— Ged Babey - Louder Than War

“Think a pissed-off Suzi Quattro fronting Guns 'n’ Roses'”

— Cassie Fox - The F-Word

“They have everything, great songs, stage presence, charisma and boy, can they play”

— Andy Cavendish - An Alternative Gathering

“Anelise’s vox are unmistakably haunting in places as she summons every ounce from the depths of her lungs”

— Ross - Rock Regeneration

 Merchandise is available in the Skull Print shop or by clicking the picture to the right

Yur Mum - Road Rage

Yur Mum - Road Rage