Trevor kendrick - illustrator

About Trevor

We at Skull Print are delighted to be able to provide a platform for the work of Trevor Kendrick.  This online studio allows you to buy his prints as gorgeous A4 or A3 prints.  Here's a little bit about Trevor:

Trevor works as a part time illustrator for a company that makes large Christmas Grottoes and Animatronic displays.
But in his own time he does paintings and drawings that he sells privately. The influences for his work comes from his love of all things of a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy nature ( especially the books of Mike Moorcock and Ray Bradbury ) ..

His other big obsession is music...from Prog to punk with a good dose of krautrock, blues, psychedelia, jazz etc etc..
And especially the mighty Hawkwind.. 

Some of his work can be obtained by going to the 'SHOP' and clicking on the category 'Trevor Kendrick' or we can put you in touch with him for commissions.

Trevor Kendrick - RUNESTONE

Trevor Kendrick - RUNESTONE