Tim blake


Tim Blake’s influence on “ Progressive “ and “Space” music has spanned the last 50 years …

First as a stage sound-engineer …. And later as a composer and performer in his own right,

Opening the door to an unknown Group X - Later to be known as Hawkwind, in 1969 …
Reforming the collapsed Daevid Allen Gong, as Gong, in early 1973
Working to start the Steve Hillage Band in 1975 ….

Together with his own musical ventures, known collectively as Tim Blake - Crystal Machine

In fact, in most of the lists of ‘Top 100 Progressive Bands’ - one finds that Tim has both written and performed with 4 of them !

It could also easily be said that Blake’s collaboration with Light Artist Patrice Warrener, has changed the shape of both Light Shows and Public Illumination since the early 70’s.

Tim’s position as “Space Rock Royalty” is unique ….. !

Tim’s second solo album  - “Blake’s New Jerusalem”. was completed in August 1978,
so we are proud to offer you 2 T-shirts to celebrate this event.

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Tim Blake New Jerusalem & Crystal Machine Merchandiing

Tim Blake New Jerusalem & Crystal Machine Merchandiing