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We do songs about love, sex and death. And taxes.

We're no good at all the stuff that most bands generally do like, I dunno, staying in one place or in tune or whatever. In fact, if there's any way we can play on the floor with the crowd,  rather than being up on a stage,  that suits us just fine.

Whatever you do, DON'T book THE PAPASHANGOS for ANY gigs ANYWHERE.

Why? Where do I start...
They're noisy and uncouth. They make a racket and leave a mess. They call themselves a #punkrockmayhem band, so you'd probably expect them to be all leather and studs and mohawks, right?  Nope. Not these bozos.  They fill venues with balloons and confetti and force audience members to wear ponchos and dance.
They even serenade individual people in the crowd! Innocent people, who've probably strayed into the show by mistake, or whatever!

Their original songs are terrible, like this:
and this:

And the few covers they perform are a travesty! I mean, Tom Jones would LITERALLY turn in his grave if he heard this:

DO NOT go to their YouTube channel and subscribe. You'll only encourage them.

Also, I really wouldn't recommend that you listen to their live EP on Bandcamp:

So, be aware. If they contact you looking for anything, a firm 'No' is your best option.

Kind regards,

Lol Shango

P.s. If you need further information about how to avoid this awful band, email me at:

The Papashangos Merchandise

The Papashangos Merchandise