Pablo Mercedes Y Los Cajones Del Diablo


Rabid formed in 1979, undergoing several line-up changes before settling on Nick Edwards (vocals), Dean Grant (bass), and Paul Rayner (guitar), and Keith Penny (drums). 

After recording a 5-track demo in 1981, they released their debut EP, Bloody Road to Glory, on their own 'Blank Label' imprint.  The EP was a hit in the UK Indie Chart after receiving airplay from John Peel in his BBC Radio 1 show, reaching number 47, and it also reached No. 14 in the NME Punk chart.

 After the EP's distributor, Fresh, went out of business, owing money to Fall Out Records, Fall Out reissued the EP later in 1982.  Rabid appeared on national British television in 1982 on Newswatch U.K. and in a Canadian documentary on the youth of England. During 1983 they played on the same bill as bands such as G.B.H., The Exploited, and the U.K. Subs.

Fall Out issued the band's next release, the 8-track Bring Out Your Dead 12-inch mini-LP, which reached number 45 in the indie chart in 1983, and No. 10 in the NME Punk Chart. By 1983, Rayner had been replaced. The final line-up of the band had Grant joined by Troy (vocals), Steve (guitar), and Max (drums), this line-up recording the tracks "Bloody Road to Glory" and "Black Cat", which were included in the Punk Lives! - Let's Slam compilation in 1986. A third track, "Destined to Decay" was recorded but not included. The band split up in 1986.  In 2006, Fall Out released a 12-track CD collection of the band's work, as Bloody Road to Glory, adapting the artwork from the original EP. 

Grant formed a new lineup of the band in 2013 with Grant himself on vocals, Steve Ward on bass guitar, Colin Bennett on guitar, and Gaz Johnson on drums. A new compilation, Bloody History was released in August 2013. A new 5 track CD is due to be released in December 2013. RAbid have played numerous shows this year supporting GBH - 999 headlined @ the shed leicester & have headline date set up for 2014 @ the hairy dog derby & the musician Leicester 

With the Crash & Burn of RAbid in 2015 the rebirth Now has led to the formation of “Pablo ‘Rocksey’Mercedes Y los Cojones del diablo” -- Crawling from the train crash wreckage of UK Punk band RAbid, Pablo Mercedes emerged to showcase his new Blues/Rock sound,and along with former band member Senor Penguino, they gone on to release a new album which is burning the airwaves all across Europe.

These two 21st Century Blues Warriors have formed a new musical Collective (PABLO MERCEDES Y LOS COJONES DEL DIABLO) both were born and raised in the LA area Dead Zone . Built on historic wastelands next to the holy river Corpse;this Mad Max Fury sector where the Zombie Queen is adored and the gift of music is worshiped. Forgotten movies and 60's sounds fill their minds. Holy Icons and subterranean utopias form their music. Living within a booze soaked ritual that releases your heart to the Devils Daughter. They go Down & Dirty into the Heart of Darkness and drink at the Devils side,These Two Amigos of Rock & Blues unite to form the NEW Rock'n'roll ! ! ! Pablo Well he's a NEW disciple of Rock….& the gifts from Diablo have a price……Listen, and live a life twisted broken and on your knees. This new union has brought you the finest in UK Blues/Rock get out find them and release your inner being.

These two Disciples of Diablo have now been joined by Blink Cyclone (bass/rhythm) and Max'Amillionaire' (drums) all four will be Live in Texas march 16th @ the texas indi Fest ......where they are sure to drag you to hell... 

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Pablo Mercedes Y Los Cajones Del Diablo

Pablo Mercedes Y Los Cajones Del Diablo