The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band reborn....​

In 1980 just three days after he left Witchfynde,Andro Coulton together with his future wife Shazformed Malleus. Over the next 2 years the band went on play a considerable amount of gigs around the UK.

The band split in 1983 although Andro and Shaz did enter the studio in 1984 to record  3  Malleus songs, these recordings were finally released as the first official Malleus EP -White Noise 

After a break of 33 years, interest in the EP from NWOBHM fans around the world prompted Andro and Shaz to bring Malleus back to the stage and for the first time record a full length album. ​

With momentum on their side Andro and Shaz decided to push the boundaries of what Malleus could achieve and recruited Gram Swan on vocals and his long term band mate and lifelong friend Jake Weekes on drums, so creating what is without a doubt the definitive line up of Malleus. A line up that is pushing the boundaries of what the band can achieve.

The band are in the studio during the summer of 2018 recording the debut album that has been 38 years in the making...that album Reborn is due for release late 2018 and is shaping up to be a monster! 

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Malleus Hellhound - NWOBHM

Malleus Hellhound - NWOBHM