Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Yourself.


Hawknerds™ has existed for around 6 years now.  Starting as a daft conversation on the fan group of Hawkwind on Facebook, we were trying to work out a collective noun and having great understanding of the level of love and respect that goes into this band from their fanbase, Hawknerds™️ won the day.  It really was just a giggle, then we decided to design some ‘Hawknerd™️’ logos and launched a competition amongst the fan base. There were eventually 4 winners and t-shirts and hats were made and sold with all profit going to the charity Sea Shepherd.

Then it was the end of the year!! So we made calendars using pics of the pets of Hawknerds™️ and again, sold these for charity - this time the charities that Hawkwind were supporting with their Rock for Rescue event. The following year we had both pets and fan pic calendars which should make a return for next year.

Over the last 6 years we have raised money in various ways for various causes and in 2015, the owner of this company Trademarked the name so that it could only EVER be used to raise money for charity by us, the fans.

Hawknerds™ is one of those wonderful things that has grown out of a mutual love of music, dance, kindness and respect.

Charities/Projects we are currently supporting:

Sea Shepherd 


The Tomorrow Project

Emmaus UK



Teenage Cancer Trust

The Christie Foundation