We are a Heavy Metal band based in the North East of England. We aim to write and play music that not only pays homage to the NWOBHM and 80s German Speed Metal titans, but we aim join the Classic Heavy Metal revival revolution happening!! 

We’ve been on and off through various lineups since about 2010, with members past and present that have been a total pleasure to have played with. For the last 2-3 years there’s been some intense behind the curtain plans and searching to get this band going again after the lineup parted ways in 2015. Andrew and Karl have been regularly putting together some riffs over a few beers for the last year or 2 before some time in the summer of 2017 sending a friend of theirs who played drums, Alex, a message asking if he fancied giving the band a shot. Thus the band as you know it today, was born anew. 

New Merchandise is available by clicking on the pic to the right

Culloden NWOBHM Merchandise

Culloden NWOBHM Merchandise