Take yourself back thru the mists of time to circa 1983..... Phil and Julian (aka Sack) were playing in two different bands. Both bands broke up around the same time, so they decided to form a new band. Originally called 'Isis', but thi swas changed when Ebony Records showed an interest in signing us. Ebony thought the name was shite....and in hindsight I think they were right!

Phil and Sack brought several mates into the picture.....and then based the name on a description of Conan the Barabarian.... one of his many enemies referred to him as the "dangerous Black mane" owing to his hair.

A mixture of Metal and Punk...... We were certainly playing Metallica-like riffs before we had ever heard of them. They've done pretty well on it though...bit better than we ever did!!

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T-shirts, vests, hoodies

T-shirts, vests, hoodies