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Andro Coulton's Give 'em Hell

Andro Coulton Give 'e Hell Malleus Witchfynde


Andro Coulton was Bass Guitarist in the iconic Witchfynde line up from 1975 to 1980 producing the NWOBHM classic album Give ‘Em Hell.

Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell was formed after Rampant’s Jamie Carter asked Andro to sign his Witchfynde Give ‘Em Hell album cover at Mearfest Slough, June 2019 and during the resulting conversation Andro mentioned about starting a band to play the Witchfynde songs from 1975 to 1980. Jamie asked if he could be the lead guitarist. From that chat Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell was formed from 3 members of Rampant and two members of Malleus.

Back to the Planet

Back to the Planet Daydream who's fucking planet merchandise t-shirts hoodies

 Back To The Planet (BTTP) formed while squatting together in Peckham, London in 1989, and attracted a following throughout the early 1990s.

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They played four consecutive Glastonbury Festivals.  BTTP were vociferous in their resistance to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. Their music blended elements of ska, dub, punk, and dance music. Their first album, Warning the Public, was released on their own record label, Arthur Mix Records, based in Hither Green. They are still touring


Blackmayne nwobhm spat from hell


Take yourself back thru the mists of time to circa 1983..... Phil and Julian (aka Sack) were playing in two different bands. Both bands broke up around the same time, so they decided to form a new band. Originally called 'Isis', but thi swas changed when Ebony Records showed an interest in signing us. Ebony thought the name was shite....and in hindsight I think they were right!  

Phil and Sack brought several mates into the picture.....and then based the name on a description of Conan the Barabarian.... one of his many enemies referred to him as the "dangerous Black mane" owing to his hair. 

Bud Smugglers

Bud Smugglers Merchandise

 Blending punk/ska/rock and even a little lounge music and coming up with something a little bit different  Biography like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the monkeys bigger louder and much better looking the bud smugglers are here 


Culloden NWOBHM merchandise

 We are a Heavy Metal band based in the North East of England. We aim to write and play music that not only pays homage to the NWOBHM and 80s German Speed Metal titans, but we aim join the Classic Heavy Metal revival revolution happening!!  

Electric Cake Salad

Electric Cake Salad Flicknife Merchandise

 Electric Cake Salad are an alternative/electronica band from the Midlands, UK. Signed to Flicknife Records.  Electric Cake Salad launched in 2009.  They cite influences such as Nero, Magnetic Man, Agnostic Front, Dandy Warhols, Metallica, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, NEU! , CAN, Tangerine Dream, Rush, Warpaint Genesis Stereolab Chesney Hawkes CONTACT DETAILS

Evil Blizzard

Evil Blizzard Merchandise

 Preston's greatest gift - 4 bassists, a drummer and a knob twiddler - they have to be seen to be believed.

5 designs available

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Extinct Birds

Extinct Birds Whiteside Merch

  Extinct Birds are a trio that play music for late nights.  Vocal, guitar, piano,bass pedals  and drums. For fans of the above  

Falling Doves

Falling Doves t-shirt Merchandise

 World tour promo 

Rise of the Serpent’ tour 2019  -Immediate release- Hollywood, Calif. Falling Doves extend World Tour!  

2019 will bring the band back to Norway, Tokyo, UK, Mexico, USA, France, Germany, and Australia with additional stops in Turkey, China, Dubai, and South America as the third leg of the tour extends to promote their upcoming album ‘Rise of the Serpent’. 

Christopher Leyva & The Falling Doves consist of a musical chair of guests from around the world who share their passion for Rock and Roll.  

The music is a fusion of Brit Rock, glam and blues, laced with a dynamic live show.


Lastwind Paul Hayles Hawkwind merchandise t-shirt hoodies vests

Paul Hayles of Lastwind is a composer, producer and musician who has palyed in, amongst others, Ark, Sonic Assassins, Hawkwind, Exiles, Exit, Legend, Twice as Nice, Stradivarius, Cropdusters, This That The Other, Downtime, Nagas2, Smoke and Shadows.

Downloads available at https://lastwind.bandcamp.


Malleus NWOBHM Merchandise

Andro Coulton's NWOBHM band prior to launchig Give 'em Hell

Mandrake Paddle Steamer

Mandrake Paddle Steamer Progressive  Brian Engle Martin Briley Hooker Paul Riordan Barry Nightingale


Mandrake Paddle Steamer were a Progressive Rock band formed in 1966 by Brian Engle and Martin Briley whilst they were students at Walthamstow Art College. Martin and Brian were joined by Matin Hooker, Paul Riordan and Barry Nightingale, they played all over UK and toured Europe extensively. They signed to EMI and recorded one single at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Although their life as a band was only for 5 years1966 to 1971 they now have a cult following and are continually being compared to early Pink Floyd. They have recently had an album released after 50 years. 

Available from

Mike Burro

Mike Burro Merchandise One eyed gods

 Mike Burro began performing with the electronic music group ‘People’s Synthesis’ in 1984 before forming his own band ‘ The Observation ‘ in the summer of 1985. This shirt celebrates 35 years of independent, non commercial art involvement,  including his spacerock bands Sloterdijk, and The One Eyed Bishops.

For fourteen years, Mike performed extensively in Holland, Germany, Belgium and The United Kingdom, and America; ultimately forging a solid audience base in the ‘British Summer Festival Circuit’, including memorable performances at Hawkfest 2010 ( Isle of Wight ), Sonic Rock Solstice, Tannerfest, and Kozmik Ken’s Psychedelic Dream ( Kozfest ).

Mike is also the only American artist, to be featured on the all Marc Bolan radio program; ‘The Groove Lounge’; broadcast weekly out of Milton Keynes. 

In recent years, Mike has branched out into writing op ed pieces and editorial comments for newspapers, online blogs, and political discussion forums. He is a long time wildlife advocate.

 Additionally Mike has worked as an environmental steward in The US, both professionally ( as a member of The US National Park Service ) and as an ongoing volunteer presence.

Now, having returned to his native New Jersey, Mike continues to render service to those creatures and individuals unable to serve themselves or voice their own opinions. 

He is a voice for the voiceless and offers protective measures to species’ who simply cannot protect themselv

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One Sided Horse

One sided horse mark whiteside evil blizzard between light and space

  One Sided Horse, the solo project of Evil Blizzard's singer. Songs that are simple and about love and hope. Formed 5 years ago as a solo acoustic performer, it has developed into a full blown band featuring the lads from Embrace. Music can be found here 

Pablo Mercedes Y Los Cajones Del Diablo


These two Disciples of Diablo have now been joined by Blink Cyclone (bass/rhythm) and Max'Amillionaire' (drums) all four will be Live in Texas march 16th @ the texas indi Fest ......where they are sure to drag you to hell... 

The Papashangos

The Papashanos #punkrockmayhem



We do songs about love, sex and death. And taxes.

We're no good at all the stuff that most bands generally do like, I dunno, staying in one place or in tune or whatever. In fact, if there's any way we can play on the floor with the crowd,  rather than being up on a stage,  that suits us just fine.

Porcelain Hill

Porcelain Hill Merch t-shirts

 Porcelain Hill is a high energy POWER trio. Perfectly blending blues, soul, Rock! It’s music that plays to a crowd LIVE, and tantalizes a recorded track. Heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drums collide with melodic bass lines creating music you don’t listen to, but music you feel. Formed in 2012 out of Ontario, CA when guitarist Darnell “Big D” Cole met Nat “Wildfire Campos. The duo performed as a two piece for a couple years but felt like something was missing. After cycling through a few bass players, the band found Lucas “LZA” Martinez, and really came together. The group continues to tour, melting faces internationally, and carving their path to the top with their unique brand of Rock and Roll.



rampant merch t-shirt


NWOBHM band Rampant from 1980/81 has reformed with some new members and the original guitarist and vocalist. Here's to the future...Run for the hills 

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Shane Pain

Shane Pain Punk Merchandise


With tracks described as 'salty sweet earworms' and performances as 'a revelation of a set' by recent alternative press, Shane Pain have firmly planted themselves into the new rising UK punk scene.

After recently having their music video 'Bye Felicia' banned on all social media platforms, the band are now raising funds to record their debut  

Space Mirrors

Space Mirrors Alisa Coral merchandise

Space Rock / Heavy Prog Rock @ iTunes, Amazon, Music.Youtube, Google  

Strip Search Tramp

Strip Search Tramp Merchandise t-shirts hoodie vest Punk Rock

  Sci-Fi/ Garage Punk Rockers. Add Synth,samples,visuals and an industrial edge, a 5 piece assault on your senses, we are Strip Search Tramp!  

Tim Blake

Tim Blake Crystal Machine New Jerusalem

 Tim Blake’s influence on “ Progressive “ and “Space” music has spanned the last 50 years … First as a stage sound-engineer …. And later as a composer and performer in his own right,

Opening the door to an unknown Group X - Later to be known as Hawkwind.

One can find Tim Blake on the web, both at


Yur Mum

Yur Mum Merchandise

 We are a DIY Dirty Rock band from London, UK. Our music is a blend of anything that's loud, noisy and comes from the heart, carrying elements of classic rock, alternative and grunge delivered with a DIY punk attitude. We call it 'road rage' rock.  

After self releasing a single and a live EP, we've signed to Flicknife Records and released our debut album entitled ROAD RAGE

For booking enquiries, please email rockyurmum@gmail.c