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Boe Art

Boe Art Mushrooms Psychedelic Rodney Matthews Richard Boe Gong

I am a self taught artist, I've been airbrushing/drawing for about 7 years.  I enjoy what I do most of the time but sometimes it drives me bonkers

Richard's Designs can be found via the shop or on his Facebook Page - Boe Art

Deluxe Funk

Deluxe Funk Future Acid House Dance Shano Hall


 Yes yes ya'll! Welcome to the home of Deluxe Funk Tees. We are a new fashion/graphics design company bringing you some funky fresh tee designs 

Find us on Facebook at

Ilsa Elford


The stunning and often surreal work of local artist Ilsa Elford available primarily as prints but some are available as t's

Iridescent Images

Iridescent images Eirwen Morgan Photography


Iridescent Images is the work of Eirwen Morgan who takes her inspiration from nature and the feelings of peace bring in nature brings . She especially loves to explore how light plays on land and sea.

She also runs Celtic Cartomancy and although this run of prints is limited to 50 per size, you can now also find her designs as a pack of blank greeting cards in the shop too

Kewpie Tattoo

Kewpie Tattoo Jori Lakers


Kewpie Tattoo Studio is owned and operated by Jori Lakars, a Chicago born tattooist with over 20+ years of experience. Her private studio is located in Stockport, Uk and can be found on the web at  On offer is a selection of her designs for Tshirts, ladies vests, hoodies and tote bags.  Keep popping back for limited edition designs from her resident artists, as well as new designs every month! 

Kirsty Coulton

Kirsty Coulton Wildlife photograph flower prints tote bags


My name is Kirsty and I'm a artist from Derby in the UK. I am a huge animal lover and I am inspired by the beauty of nature and aim to capture that in my work. I also love fantasy worlds and try to bring these to life with digital art such as photoshop and aim to bring those to my collection soon.

Lab 23©

Lab 23© Mr Dibs Hawkwind related art


Mr Dibs' Cave

This is the home of the designs and musing of Mr Dibs.   

Spacehead© merchandise is available for print on to t's, vests or hoodies

Artist Merch - Prints & T's

Marginal Images - John Robertson

Marginal Images John Robertson Preston Bus Station Brutal Architecture

Marginal Images is the creation of John Robertson, a Lancashire based photographer who splits his time between Europe and the North West of England.

His first awakenings were to the energies, attitudes and artworks of 70's punk and the writings of the Beat generation.  He says that 'photography stopped me from going nuts.' His first batch of t-shirts include 3 commemorative designs celebrating 50 years of brutal architecture: Perston's Bus Station.

A few 'textural' photographic works are on offer too and they're available in other mediums through his website

Nik Killeen

Nik Killeen Stacia Hawkwind merchandise


Art by Nik Killeen

Born in London now living in the Mystic West of England.

A long time ago in a Galaxy far away I was commissioned to do some artwork for a Pagan Calendar which never saw the light of day, some of those images are seen here.

Arthurian Legend, the Pre-Raphaelites, Marvel comics, Witchcraft and the music of Hawkwind are among the many influences that inspire me to produce these works, I hope that these connect with you on some level or another.

Pete Greening

Pete Greening Geometric design


Pete Greening

I’m a self-taught artist, influenced by the 1960s op-art works of Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. I’ve been painting for my own pleasure since 1971, and have had many exhibitions (solo and group shows) since then. 

A common question to me is ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ I blame my misspent youth….

Some originals are still for sale – if interested, contact me by email at for details

Pepperbox Party

Pepperbox Party david stooke

 The legendary Pepperbox Parties People bring you their own range of designs remembering those halcyon daze of party and freedom.  This one is the People from Pepperbox design available in a variety of colours, including long sleeved and/or tie dye 


Psychedelix perfect glass knot metalic gold glass


'Psychedelix' features artwork by Erno, a graphic artist inspired by psychedelia, diverse cultures - both ancient and modern, music and the arts, as well as surf culture, nature, science, mysticism, sacred geometry and all things positive and alternative.

Having a presence on Skull Print is especially satisfying too, knowing they source, produce and pack ethically, and that spending your hard-earned with them results in contributions made to charity as well. Enjoy, and thanks for your interest.


Soth de Witan merchandise

Soth declares their influence as Pre-Raphaelites and 'art deco' and has been drawing all their life,  They also enjoy painting people and have painted the likes of Mark E Smith and Dick Lucas

Artist Merch - Prints & T's

Stoat Studios

Resistance is Fertile Stoat Stusio T-shirt Merchandise Stuart Mather

Stoat Studios features the artwork of Stuart Mather

Stoney Scribbles

Stoney Scribbles Steve Stone Merchandise

Our only posthumously released artist , featuring the beautifully detailed work of Steve Stone 

Trevor Kendrick

Trevor Kendrick Artist Hawkfan


We at Skull Print are delighted to be able to provide a platform for the work of Trevor Kendrick.  This online studio allows you to buy his prints as gorgeous A4 or A3 prints.  Here's a little bit about Trevor:

Trevor works as a part time illustrator for a company that makes large Christmas Grottoes and Animatronic displays. But in his own time he does paintings and drawings that he sells privately. The influences for his work comes from his love of all things of a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy nature ( especially the books of Mike Moorcock and Ray Bradbury ) ..

His other big obsession is music...from Prog to punk with a good dose of krautrock, blues, psychedelia, jazz etc etc.. And especially Hawkwind.. 

Some of his work can be obtained by going to the 'SHOP' and clicking on the category 'Trevor Kendrick' or we can put you in touch with him for commissions.